Limousines have become an iconic car with their appealing design and luxurious amenities. They are the most opulent form of transport for airport transfers, weddings, banquets, etc. and vary significantly in terms of size, style and amenities. Everyone is dreaming of traveling in a comfy limousine driven by a uniformed chauffeur. While a few people in Melbourne are rich enough and fortunate to own this vehicle, most others fulfill their dream with limo hire service.

Most of the limo rental companies in Melbourne offer both regular limos and stretch limos that can be used for different occasions. While the regular limos such as Lincoln are used for practical trips, the stretched limousines are perfect for special events.

Regular limos Vs Stretch Limos:

What occasion?

Regular styled limos are highly preferred for airport transfers, business trips and for special dates.  However, the stretch limos are the most realistic option for large gatherings. This type of vehicles can accommodate a large group of passengers who can travel in complete comfort. They are the primary choice for prom nights, sports game, wedding, concerts and other special events.

Number of passengers:

The number of passengers in a group has a significant impact on the type of limousine hired. The regular limos usually accept around 6 to 8 passengers in comfort, whereas stretch limos can accommodate around 14 to 18 passengers. So, it would be more practical to use stretch limos for large parties as they can accommodate more passengers. Of course, stretch limos and Lincoln limos vary in size and seating options, and you can reserve the one based on your requirement.


A regular sized limo is appropriate for practical purposes and come with specific amenities such as spacious interior, bar, intercom system, TV/DVD screen and USB connection. However, the great attraction of stretch limos is the inclusion of a wide range of amenities such as full length mirror roof, laser and strobe lighting, 3 fully equipped bars, 3 phone intercom system, Oyster peal ceiling lights, 3 DVD with DVD players, twin air conditioning system, 12 speaker sound system and sleek, safe, spacious and well maintained interior.

So, before choosing limo hire in Melbourne, it really makes sense to consider the intended purpose, number of passengers and type of amenities required for your journey.

Exclusive Limousines, a leading car rental company in Melbourne, offers limousines in different styles and versions with diverse amenities. Just convey your need and we will help you choosing the right vehicle for your trip.