Hummer Birthday Magic, a first hand experience

As a daughter, I wanted my mom’s birthday to be very special and different for her and for our family and friends attending. One classy way I managed to achieve that was hiring a Pink Hummer limo. Making the arrangements was easy, as the Pink Hummer was available for the occasion and came at an affordable hiring rate. We had planned on touring the Yarra Valley winery before heading to the hotel to celebrate.

The Pink Ride

 The Pink  Stretch Limousine came 10 minutes before time, with a very kind chauffeur to start us off. All eleven of us were blown away by its deep pink color, simply an eye pleaser! The Limo measured over 10 meters and it had an extremely elegant shape and look. Going inside, all 11 of us were wowed by the amazing décor, which included in-car entertainment with surround system and even a karaoke system. The seats were very comfortable, which was a very important feature especially for my mom’s back problems, and for my mom’s friends who were older. We had a luxurious two tone seating with a ‘Lizard-effect J sitting’ where we could comfortably see each other in the limousine making communication easier. The ambiance had been customized with pink lights which shone magnificently  in the Limo. Needless to say, we felt like celebrities as we sipped our obviously expensive champagne as we cruised around. Unbelievably, there were fully installed full length complimentary champagne bars in the limo.


Instead of looking out of the Limo as we had intended to, we got distracted by watching our favorite movie. All thanks to the multiple colored mirrored LCD TV  installed behind the chauffeur. Amazingly,  our privacy was not invaded as there was a privacy divider that separated us from the chauffeur. There was also the convenience of touch screen controls which made it simple to change the temperature and cooling within the limousine, change the lighting (there were over 4 colorsneon-changing lighting), and changing the music and TV systems.

At the end of our ride around Melbourne, getting out of the pink limo was nearly impossible!  None of us felt like getting out of the pink hummer.  We were having so much fun bonding and celebrating that it was impossible to believe our 5 hours were over.


After being blown away by the amazing Limousine ride, I researched to find out more about the Pink Hummer the following day. Before I had only been fascinated by its unusual hot pink color, but now, I wanted to find out more about this amazing ride to hire it again for my best friend’s hen night. In my research, I discovered that the Pink Hummer Limousine comes with a customized $10,000  two tone paint job, which makes it brighter than other cars. These Limousines come in different sizes and some can fit up to 22 people, with a telephone intercom system, and a stainless-steel starlight headliner.


To give your loved one a special gift, a ride in the pink limo will hit the right spots making the day extra special!