Are you planning on having a party with your friends? Well, you might consider adding a taste of glamour to the event by hiring a pink hummer to drop you and your friends to the party. Most people think they lack options when trying to figure out the best vehicle to use while attending a party, weddings and other occasions. Hiring a pink Hummer is the best decision you and your friends will make! People  who love having a great time will enjoy the experience of travelling in this luxurious car. Fortunately, booking your pink Hummer limo will be easy at Pink Hummer Hire Melbourne.

 Why should you choose Pink Hummer hire Melbourne?

Melbourne is one of the most spectacular cities you will find in Australia. The city is home to elegant restaurants, nightclubs, wedding and party venues. Fortunately, Pink Hummer Hire Melbourne provides affordable prices to individual who would love to party, attend events, bachelorette parties and other important occasions.

Our hummer limousines are well maintained ensuring they always look new. These vehicles have a very beautiful interior that will create a memorable experience while you travel. According to various reviews, most clients claim that limo hire Melbourne provides the best services and have a wide range of packages.

Types of hummer Limos

Due to the high demand for Hummer Limos in Melbourne, our Hummer hire company has a wide range of hummer models for you to choose from. Each model has unique features and has different prices depending on the amenities. Below are some of the models you can choose from while planning for your special event.

Pink Panther Hummer

In Melbourne, you will find the Pink Panther Hummer that is one of the latest and unique hummer limousines. This luxurious vehicle is the largest of its type in Melbourne City and Australia. It’s  an elegant car that lends itself perfectly to parties, night outs and weddings. The good thing about this vehicle is that it is spacious and have a wide range of features that include:

  • Laser lighting
  • 3 well-stocked bars
  • A high quality sound system
  • 4 large LCD screens
  • Seats that hold up to 16 people
  • Smoke machines
  • LED colour lit dance floor
  • Plush leather interior combined with a pile fir roof lining
  • Champagne and much more

Hummer H2

In case you are looking for a Pink Hummer Hire Melbourne for an event, consider choosing the classic Hummer H2. This spectacular vehicle is designed as a true party limo to perfectly compliment your big day out. With these Hummer models, you will capture the attention of all other guests as well as road pedestrians. The H2 is a choice for most top celebrities thus, it’s known for class and the best amenities you can find on a limo.  It has a seating capacity of up to 16 passengers and a cargo space of 2 to 3 large bags.

Enjoy your Melbourne party in these incredible hummer Limos!